I’m writing this on my phone and wondering if it’ll work. Anyway, today has been a day of ups and downs with the afternoon overshadowed with depression. Or rather I’m overshadowed by a black cloud. So I thought I’d write a short post to introduce two creatures that help me through these tough times, our familiars, Celt and Pict.

Both rescue cats and sisters, they can’t stand each other, but individually they seem to have warmed to us.

Celt is the smaller of the two:


She’s quiet and every little meow we get is precious.

Pict is, well, large and powerful:


She’s very talkative and when hungry meows with a sound that can only be described as ‘hellish’. But like Celt she’s cute as can be and very lovable.

Say hi to our familiars!



  1. Pict and Celt! What two beautiful cats! Are they really sisters?
    How lucky they are to have found a nice home with you and your partner.
    We have a rescue cat too – Nyankichi.
    For some reason, Nyankichi hardly ever says a miaow.
    Only when he is desperate for food.
    He gets picked on by a bossy cat in the neighbourhood who chases him around our yard. Poor thing.
    Furry friends can give us lots of love and comfort.
    I hope it is the same for you!

    1. Yeah they’re sisters but they don’t look very alike (although they both have lynx tips).

      Nyankichi sounds lovely! Such a shame that he’s picked on by a bossy cat. Our cats are house cats so they don’t go out at all (which is maybe sad for them, but peace of mind for us).

      They do give so much comfort!

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