Blood-sucking immortals

Since last year I’ve had a somewhat manic interest in vampires. Specifically, because due to my depression I find focusing on reading very difficult, I’ve been watching a lot of vampire films. I’m not sure what first prompted my interest, but there’s certainly something psychologically intriguing about the idea of being immortal. The film that I think tackles this most clearly is Only Lovers Left Alive, where we can imagine

Books on my shelf: Become a well-read Witch

Witchcraft in the West has gone through periods of being fashionable and lulls in popularity. Basically there have been three booms in Pagan Witchcraft in modern times: 1970s to 1980sAlthough modern Pagan Witchraft developed through the 1930s and 40s and really came into being in the 1950s, it was in the 1970s that it became popular, building on the counter-cultural trends of the 1960s. So there are books that were