Wait… you like horror movies?

Yep. And yes, obviously this is a question I get asked a lot because of all the times I’ve been open about struggling with anxiety. I mean, I’m probably literally the person who cinemas warned shouldn’t watch The Exorcist if they’re ‘of a nervous disposition’ (I did, in fact, watch The Exorcist at the cinema, but only after first watching it on TV, and yes, it scared the crap out

Life shift with a side of positive memories

CW: suicidal ideation If you’ve read earlier blog posts of mine you’ll know that I had to take sick leave from work due to Panic Disorder and depression. I kept my tenured position as associate professor in a great university but was unable to work and underwent therapy and was prescribed various medications (these changed a LOT during the time as my psychiatrist tried to find the most effective combination).

Section 28

[This was originally a twitter thread but as twitter could possibly die (at the time of writing, Nov 2022) I’m reposting it here.] I’m clearly not going to get around to writing a blog post so instead here’s my thread on Section 28 that was in place during my time at school. Relevant now because of the rising backlash to LGBTQ rights in the US, UK and many other countries.

Depression is not feeling sad

Let me begin by clarifying, mild to moderate depression can very much have a strong element of feeling sad. Severe depression too. But it is so different from what we consider to be ‘feeling sad’ that it’s worth making the distinction. I should also caveat that what I write here is my experience of depression and it may not be the same as yours or those you know. When we

Panic! at the Bistro

(CW: panic attack, hospitals, general mental illness etc.) I’m on extended sick leave from work at the moment, diagnosed with Panic Disorder and severe depression/Bipolar 2. I decided when I took sick leave that I would be open about my mental illness on twitter, but I haven’t written anywhere how it came about or why I’m open about it. Let’s start with the latter first. As a sociologist I have

On how I got here

First proper #blogtober post and why not start by giving my life’s history… no don’t worry I’m not going to do that, but some people might be interested in how I ended up in Japan. Let me start of by saying I was not a Japanophile. I think this is important to say because so many people seem to come to Japan because they have a strong love of the