On how I got here

First proper #blogtober post and why not start by giving my life’s history… no don’t worry I’m not going to do that, but some people might be interested in how I ended up in Japan. Let me start of by saying I was not a Japanophile. I think this is important to say because so many people seem to come to Japan because they have a strong love of the


Amazingly it’s October. This year eh, phew! Feels both like it’s dragged and like it’s whizzed by in equal measure; does that mean we’re sort of stuck? Anyway, October means Blogtober and in its spirit I’ll be aiming to blog once a week. One issue is that I have very little idea of what to blog about, but I suspect it will be on mental health—I am on (extended) sick

Delays in replies

Please note that I am on extended sick leave and responses to emails and other contact may be severely delayed. Thank you for your understanding. I am also not accepting students into the lab at this time.